Basigi, Grace Banwaa claim Malta Guinness Women’s Premier League May awards

Hasaacas Ladies duo Yussif Basigi and Grace Banwaa were recognized for their standout moments in the month of May in the Malta Guinness Women’s Premier League.

Basigi and Banwaa scooped the Coach of the Month and Goalkeeper of the month awards respectively for their contributions for the Hasmal Ladies.

Here is a closer look at the deserving recipients of the accolades.

Goalkeeper of the Month:

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Grace’s exceptional skills between the goalposts, unwavering determination, and consistent performances were instrumental in her team’s success.

As a goalkeeper, she exhibited remarkable agility, impressive saves, and excellent decision-making abilities. Her ability to command her defense and provide a solid foundation for her team was commendable.

She was in goal for three games, keeping two clean sheets and conceding just one 1 goal as her side secured two wins and drew one.

Grace Banwaa’s contributions undoubtedly played a crucial role in the victories of Hasaacas Ladies throughout the month.

Coach of the Month:

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Coach Basigi’s exceptional leadership, tactical prowess, and ability to motivate his team propelled Hasaacas Ladies to new heights.

Under his guidance, the team showcased remarkable teamwork, strategic gameplay, and a strong work ethic.

His commitment to developing the skills and abilities of each player has been evident in the team’s consistent performances and impressive results.

Hasaacas won two of their three games played in the month of May while picking up one draw.

His dedication and expertise undoubtedly contributed to the success of Hasaacas Ladies in the Malta Gunniess Women’s Premier League.

Celebrating Excellence:
The recognition bestowed upon Grace Banwaa and Coach Yussif Basigi highlights not only their individual achievements but also the collective success of Hasaacas Ladies as a team. Their hard work, discipline, and commitment to excellence have set them apart in the league.

Their achievements serve as an inspiration to aspiring athletes and coaches, emphasizing the importance of perseverance, dedication, and continuous improvement. It is a testament to the fact that success is not achieved overnight but through consistent effort and a passion for the sport.

The Malta Gunniess Women’s Premier League celebrates the outstanding performances of its athletes and coaches. The recognition of Grace Banwaa as the Goalkeeper of the Month and Coach Yussif Basigi as the Coach of the Month for May showcases their exceptional skills, leadership, and contributions to the success of Hasaacas Ladies.

We congratulate Grace Banwaa and Coach Yussif Basigi on their well-deserved awards and commend their commitment to excellence. Their achievements inspire us all to pursue our passions with dedication and strive for greatness. We look forward to witnessing more remarkable performances from them and the entire Hasaacas Ladies team in the future.