Breaking the Stereotypes: The Story of Fidous Yakubu and her 2 Kids

Fidous Yakubu and her two kids’ move to Hasaacas Ladies FC has been one of the most discussed events before the start of the season and still continues; there is more to what Hasaacas Ladies FC has contributed in erasing some of the conventional behaviors in the women’s football…

The Women’s game has been known for its chunk of conventional issues, especially in Africa where the biases of women playing football have disrupted and impeded a mammoth number of talents erupting to the world stage – the narrative is gradually changing and the seed of change in Ghana is at nowhere else than the most successful local club, Hasaacas Ladies FC.

Hasaacas Ladies Football Club has firmed up its grips on ensuring football and education are the twin pillars for the club and with that, names such as; Linda Eshun, a Robert Morris Inductee and current captain of Hasaacas Ladies FC, Samira Suleman, and Gifty Appiah both graduates of Robert Morris University, Ernestina Abambila formerly at Youngstown University and Mississippi Valley State University and Jennifer Cudjoe of the University of Maine Road and now playing in the National Women’s Soccer League side Gotham FC and many other players who have had stints with the Club.

The story of our new number 12, Fidous Yakubu comes in, and as a mother of two; Nana Akua, a 5-year-old daughter, and Jasmine, an almost 3-year-old both currently with the mother at our camp base in Takoradi is as inspirational as well as admirable coupled with the talent on display.

This is a rare case in the history of Hasaacas Ladies Football Club that since the birthing of the Club, not once has there been any issue such as that of Fidous Yakubu’s.

Fidous Yakubu has alluded to the fact that it has been challenging especially returning to the pitch a few months after giving birth to Jasmine, her second child – a clear case of Amy Rodriguez and Stephanie Cox unfolding in a territory that has been labeled that unconventional.

“My first daughter is called, Nana Akua, and Jasmine the second – it is not easy, very difficult and I will make sure I do that, it has happened before – I want to play to the highest level for the world to know that I did not joke with my talent that God has given me. I would love to see one of my kids play football, the young one has shown traits and I’d love to see her play too” – she told 3 Sports.

Right from Fidous’ move from Ashtown Ladies to Hasaacas Ladies; the 7 hours drive from Kumasi to Takoradi means she has to settle in a territory she’s new too and new teammates she’s going to live with as a family from here on after.

Deputy skipper of the team, Faustina Nyame Aidoo in an exclusive interview with 3 Sports’ Francis Hema chronicled how the teammates have welcomed the family of three and made sure they slot in to help as and when – “being there with Fidous, as a little girl, you know kids are fun to be with. She being there we always have fun with her and the mother is also coping well and we also try to help her at times” – Faustina Nyame Aidoo said.

Fidous joined Hasaacas Ladies against the backdrop of a season-high goal tally of 10 for Ashtown Ladies Football Club in 18 Women’s Premier League games. In announcing her presence and talent for Hasaacas Ladies Football Club, she’s so far bagged in 3 goals in 3 matches for Hasaacas Ladies Football Club, 2 goals from open play and 1 from the penalty spot. Fidous is now a joint Club top scorer.