Bugre, Boaduwaa on target as Hasmal beat Northern Ladies 2-0 in FA Cup quarter finals

Doris Boaduwaa and Azumah Bugre scored as Hasmal beat Northern Ladies to progress to the semifinals of the Women’s FA Cup.

The Giants welcomed the Northern side in a brawl that the winner will engage Supreme Ladies afield for a slot to the final of this year’s Women’s FA Cup final.

Hasmal despite failing to register a goal in the early embers of the game firmed things up in the second half to conjure what should be enough for a slot to the semifinalists.

Azumah Bugre scored opened the deadlock on the 57th minute l; serving a great impact which influenced greatly the outcome of the game.

Doris Boaduwaa added to the tally to extend the game beyond the wildest reach of the Northern Zone side.

Hasmal after picking a 2-0 win conclude a semifinal brawl against Supreme Ladies.