Hasaacas Ladies Completes Vivian Antwi Transfer

Hasaacas Ladies is proud to welcome Vivian Antwi, a talented and promising attacking midfielder, to our team. Vivian, a 20-year-old Ghanaian player, brings with her a wealth of skills and a burning passion for the game.

Hailing from Takoradi, Vivian began her football journey at a young age, honing her skills and showcasing her talent with dedication and determination. Her time at Northern Ladies served as a stepping stone, allowing her to develop and grow as a player.

With her preferred right foot, Vivian Antwi mesmerizes opponents with her agility, speed, and impeccable ball control. Her ability to create scoring opportunities and her vision on the field make her a formidable force in the attacking midfield position.

Having signed with Hasaacas Ladies for one year, Vivian is ready to embrace the challenge and contribute to the team’s success. Her positive attitude, work ethic, and team spirit make her a valuable addition to our squad.

Off the field, Vivian Antwi is known for her humble nature and commitment to giving back to her community. She embodies the values that we hold dear at Hasaacas Ladies, and we are excited to have her represent our club.

As Vivian steps onto the pitch wearing the green and white of Hasaacas Ladies, we are confident that she will make a significant impact. Her passion for the game, coupled with her skills and determination, will undoubtedly elevate our team to new heights.

Welcome, Vivian Antwi, to the Hasaacas Ladies family. We look forward to witnessing your journey and achievements with us. Together, let’s create a legacy that will inspire generations to come.