Hasaacas Ladies Dominates with Stellar Performance

In a highly anticipated match, Hasaacas showcased their prowess on the field

How we lined up

Hasmal’s starting line-up featured Grace Banwah as the goalkeeper, with Ruby Osei, Comfort Owusu, Vera Arkorful, Abiba Issah, Veronica Kumah, Abigail Sekyiwaa, Success Ameyaa, Mary Ndali, Mukarama Abdulai, and Alice Sarpong in other positions.

What happened;

The game started with intense energy as both teams displayed their skills and determination.

At the 10-minute mark, Mukarama Abdulai’s presence was felt, although she was unfortunately ruled offside. However, she quickly redeemed herself by scoring a crucial goal at the 23-minute mark, giving Hasaacas Ladies the lead.

As the first half progressed, the excitement continued to build. Veronica Kumah’s goal at the 54-minute mark further solidified Hasaacas’ dominance on the field. The team’s cohesive play and strategic substitutions, such as Vivian Cudjoe replacing Alice Sarpong at the start of the second half, demonstrated their depth and adaptability.

Belinda Ofori’s returned from injury on the 75th minute injected a new level of energy into the game, showcasing her resilience and determination. Despite some tense moments, including Comfort Owusu and Abiba Issah receiving yellow cards in the 80th and 87th minutes respectively, Hasaacas maintained their composure and focus.

In a well-deserved recognition, Vera Arkorful was awarded the MVP of the game for her outstanding performance. Her contribution, along with the collective effort of the team, led Hasaacas to a well-deserved victory.

Overall, Hasaacas’ strategic gameplan, individual brilliance, and team cohesion were on full display, securing a memorable win in a thrilling match that will be remembered by fans and opponents alike.

What it means;

With this win, our unbeaten streak extends to ten games

What next;

Looking ahead, our next league match will be against Essam Socrates on the road.