Stellar Evelyn Badu Wins PotM Award as Hasmal beat USFA 2-0

Midfielder Evelyn Badu was named the Player of the Match after an impressive display against USFA from Burkina Faso in the semifinals of the WAFU B CAF Women’s Champions League.

It was only her second game in the tournament, after missing out on the first game against Rivers Angels FC from Nigeria through injury.

Veronica Appiah and Doris Boaduwaa scored at either side of the halves to put Hasmal in the final of the tournament as well as snatch the first of the two tickets available for the CAF Women’s Champions League which is later this year.

Evelyn Badu was easily the fans favorite following her remarkable work in the middle of the park.

She has kept similar attitude throughout Hasmal’s games this season and was never a shock seeing her beat everyone to the title.