The Champions Series: Doris Boaduwaa

Doris Boaduwaa ended the season as the top scorer of Hasaacas Ladies with 3 major titles in her first full season with the Club.

Doris Boaduwaa secured a complete season for the first time with Hasaacas Ladies after joining some two seasons ago during the truncated league season.

She’s proven to be dependable and got 3 goals in the two domestic finals against Ampem Darkoa Ladies; 2 goals in the Women’s Premier League final and 1 goal in the Women’s FA Cup final.

Doris Boaduwaa - Hasaacas FC

Doris Boaduwaa – Hasaacas FC

Above all, she became the club’s top scorer in the just ended league season after failing to score a goal during the first round of the Women’s Premier League.

She was involved in the most goals throughout the campaign, 22; 15 goals and 7 assists in 23 games.

Goals Scored:15

Women’s Premier League: 11
Women’s FA Cup: 2
WAFU Zone B: 2

Assists: 7

Women’s Premier League: 5


WAFU Zone B: 2