As part of our vision to improve the livelihood of members of the football fraternity and the community at large in the Western Region, FC Cape Town Consulting under the “My Africa” initiative in partnership with the Hasaacas Brand and the Western Region Ministers’ Office have begun training for the first batch of students on the much talked about Social Entrepreneurship and Community Leadership Coaching Program to train and produce 10 000 social entrepreneurs in the western region using the football platform as a catalyst.

The programme dubbed vision “West Is Best” Social Entrepreneurship which has been duly endorsed by the Honourable Western Regional Minister – Kwabena Otchere – Darko Mensah is aimed at arresting the problem of rampant poverty, scarcity of jobs & lack of motivation among our youth.

The six week training programme in the long run is geared towards re-tooling, motivating, and re- enforcing our youth with knowledge on how to navigate modern life, how-to enterprise the community’s and personal resources for self-benefit and community development. Participants were taken through:

• Coaching

• Values and principles

• Expectations

• Commitments

The first batch of participant from Ghana joined a host of others from South Africa, Zambia, Botswana, Nigeria, Kenya, Mozambique and the rest of Africa for the inaugural edition.

Credit: FCCT / Hasaacas FC